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и недропользовании в России
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Scientific and Technical Journal in Russian
ISSN 0869-3188


  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation
  • Rosgeologia AO
  • Russian Geological Society

Publisher: RG-Inform OOO

The Journal covers the following areas: exploration and development of the most important mineral resources both in the whole country and in its regions, economic challenges of subsoil use, including exploration and mining investment, management of the state subsoil reserve fund and subsoil use processes, and legal support to subsoil use.

Other issues discussed in the pages of the Journal are the current state and development prospects of the petroleum and mining industries, including their equipment and processes, activity of individual companies, the national and world mineral markets, and international cooperation.

Journal Sections:

  • Exploration and raw materials base
  • Economics and management
  • Legal support
  • Minerals market
  • Foreign experience and international cooperation
  • Geoecology

The Journal is distributed by subscription or direct mailing in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries and at conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. Circulation is over 1000 copies.

Subscription Index in all-Russian Catalogue of Rospechat – 73252

Issue 4-5/2020

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