Всё о минерально-сырьевой базе
и недропользовании в России
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Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management
Scientific and technical journal in Russian

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Issue 4-5/2020

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Alekseev Yа.V., Korchagina D.A. Russian ore gold raw material base: state of development and prospects up to 2040

Nechaev A.V., Polyakov E.G., Belousova E.B., Pikalova V.S., Bykhovskiy L.Z. Mineral resources of niobium in Russia: priorities of development

Korchagin O.A. Features of the distribution of hydrocarbons in Western Kamchatka and the adjacent shelf: forecast of promising local structures

Belyaev E.V. Non-metallic minerals of North Caucasus

Mityusheva T.P., Yurkina I.O. Resource base of potable groundwaters of the Komi Republic


Vazhenin Yu.I., Ordenov G.I., Ampilov Yu.P., Khakimov B.V. Problems of development of mineral resources of the territory and continental shelf of the Arctic

Kashuba S.G. The gold mining industry in Russia: the current state and expectations

Filimonova I.V., Nemov V.Yu., Mishenin M.V., Provornaya I.V. Oil industry of Russia: regional and organizational structure of production, refining and export

Galtseva N.V., Sharypova O.A. Mineral raw materials complex of the Far North-East of Russia: prospects and conditions for development

Pelmeneva А.А. Features of hydrocarbon production taken into account in the modern tax system of Russia

Rogova T.B., Shaklein S.V. Problems and possible ways to improve the organization and methodology of the audit of mineral resources


Sergeev A.Y. On some issues of accounting the restrictions and prohibitions on subsoil use in the context of public administration informatization

Mirkerimova N.F. On certain approaches of harmonization of the requirements of the legislation on wastes of production and consumption and waste of subsoil use


Su Yina, Xu Jinghua. Energy outlook of China and Russia in the world energy market to 2050

Teslenko V.V. Russia and world uranium market

Issue 4-5/2020

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